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The Cable Car Museum is fortunate to have participating scholars that share their research. From time to time, new monographs are placed on this web site for reading and research. Below is a series of articles about San Francisco's cable cars and other modes of transport that are part of San Francisco's rich transportation heritage.

The Museum encourages submissions. If you are interested in submitting materials please e-mail details of your proposed submission. The Museum reserves the right to edit any materials submitted and to determine their appropriateness.

New! - THE WIRE ROPE STREET RAILWAYS OF SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA by the inventor of the cable car Andrew S. Hallidie appeared in the Scientific American Supplement, September 17, 1881. In this article Hallidie describes in detail how his cable car system operates and the various San Francisco companies (to date) that have successfully, both from a technological and economic perspective, adapted the cable car for their street railway company.

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Dunedin, New Zealand, the last city in the world to operate cable cars other than San Francisco

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