Biography of Andrew Smith Hallidie
By Edgar Myron Kahn

Biography of the inventor of the cable car, by the author of "Cable Car Days in San Francisco." Also Hallidie's obituary from the Street Railway Journal, May 12, 1900.

The Wire Rope Street Railways of San Francisco, California
By Andrew S. Hallidie

This article appeared in the Scientific American Supplement, September 17, 1881. Here Hallidie describes in detail how his cable car system operates and the various San Francisco companies (to date) that have successfully, both from a technological and economic perspective, adapted the cable car for their street railway company.

The Original Line Dismantled
San Francisco Chronicle - September 12, 1891.

A interesting news clipping with an illustration of what the first cable car looked like on it's trial run and information on the very first employees of world's first cable car company.

Historical Exhibit of A. S. Hallidie
An article from The Street Railway Journal - July, 1893 - Vol. IV No. 7

The exhibit of greatest popular interest in the street railway department of the Transportation annex is that of A. S. Hallidie, of San Francisco, the inventor of the cable railway.

Memories Come Alive
A news clipping from The San Francisco Daily - August 16, 1946

As a 3-year old boy, Harry Westcott�s greatest thrill was riding the old Clay-St cable cars, which whipped along at a breath-taking eight miles an hour.

The Longest Cable Car Journey: Clay Street Hill Railroad Car #8
By Michael F. Phipps

For a cable car whose original route ran somewhat less than a mile, #8 has traveled far and wide as an ambassador of San Francisco�s past. Read how #8 survived the San Francisco Fire and Earthquake of 1906 that destroyed much of the cable car stock in the City and also survived a fire in Baltimore in 1907.

The California Street Cable Railroad Company’s Connection to the Emerald City - Seattle - By Don F. Holmgren

After the California Street Cable R.R. Co. in collaboration with John Hammond & Co. developed in 1888 the California-type cable car, a design that featured open sections at each end and an enclosed center section, two Seattle cable car companies had Hammond in 1900-01 build sixteen California-type for their operations. A Hammond product was the last Seattle cable car in 1940. This is a chronicle of Seattle's California-type cable cars.

San Francisco Cable Car - the Gripping Tale of an Aged Compact
By Tony Hogg for Road & Track Magazine, April 1962

In 1962, Road & Track Magazine road tested a Powell Street cable car. The author concluded "the appalling monotony of this work is occasionally relieved by the presentation of a vehicle which, because of its superlative performance and unsurpassed beauty of line, stands head and shoulders above all other machines. One such vehicle, which was offered to us recently for testing, is the San Francisco cable car."

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